Carving out your own little space

Nowadays, the internet is mainly concentrated to large, centralised social media services. You have Discord rather than IRC, Reddit rather than forums, Twitter rather than (micro)blogs, etc. And I personally find that to be quite sad.

I am old enough to remember a faint memory of a more decentralised internet with smaller cosier websites, forums, IRC networks run by individuals for niche communities. Unfortunately at the time I was too young to really understand the places or get much out of them, but I still remember it as a better time on the internet. A slower, calmer, more decentralised internet.

So as such, I decided to start the Voxelmanip Forums, my own little forum. Or message board if you want to use old terminology... Bulletin board even!

It is cosy. Very cosy even. Feel free to stop by and post some if you want.