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Hi, my name is ROllerozxa. If you've found anything I've made or done to be useful to you, now would be the time to send a donation. Just as a reminder of what I do:

  • I develop and host principia-web, the new Principia community site which includes the forum and wiki (latter of which I am the primary contributor of).

  • I've also done various other things related to Principia in the past, such as archival of old game versions, old community site levels and the wiki.

  • I, singlehandedly, made the Principia source code release possible [Citation needed], and contribute to the game's open source development now.

  • I make various content for Minetest.

  • I run The Voxelmanip Classic Server, a Minetest server.

  • I run the Voxelmanip Forums, a cozy forum for all your cozy foruming needs.

  • Look cute. [Citation needed]

  • Probably about a dozen more things...

Your financial support would help me offset server costs, buy a better computer, buy some soused herring...

Donate using Liberapay

Liberapay works using recurring donations, kinda like Patreon but run by a non-profit. If you would like to make a one-time donation then make a pledge and cancel after the first payment.