Hi, my name is ROllerozxa. If you've found anything I've made or done to be useful to you, now would be the time to send a donation.

What I do


I'm the maintainer for the Principia open source project, pushing forward the development of the game and making sure things hold together. I maintain the new Principia Wiki and I also develop and host principia-web, which started out as an unofficial community site replacement back in 2020 but has turned into the main community site with the game's open sourcing. In addition I host an archive of the old official community site since a while back.

In the past I made various reverse engineering and archival efforts for Principia in an attempt to revive the game prior to the game's open sourcing in 2022. I've played the game since the original release in 2013 (I was 9 years old at the time) and it has been with me for more than half of my life at this point.


I've made various mods and games for Minetest, and I have made some contributions to the engine. I run the Voxelmanip Classic server which is a simple creative freebuild server running a custom game, and I previously ran the mtPlace server which was a public canvas similar to reddit's r/place. I am also an editor on the ContentDB staff team, meaning I check the licensing and other details of packages before they are approved and made public.


You might know me from something else. You can see the projects page or about page on my website.


I would very much appreciate your donations. Primarily, the donations will go towards paying for hosting costs related to Principia (which currently is ~109kr/mo or ~10€/mo), but depending on the amount of donations I'd use some of it for other expenses.

If you want to donate through some other means then reach out to me privately and we can discuss the details. (But please do not send me Discord Nitro gifts)

Donate using Liberapay

Liberapay works using recurring donations, kinda like Patreon but run by a non-profit. If you would like to make a one-time donation then make a pledge and cancel after the first payment.

Donate using Ko-fi

Ko-fi supports both one-time and monthly donations natively. Apparently you can also write messages to me when you donate, which may be amusing.