Hi, I'm ROllerozxa (pronounced ROlleroska, or ROllerotska). This is my site where I write about what I do and about whatever else interests me, in the case that someone else finds it interesting.

About me

I'm a 19 year old person from Sweden who has been interested in technology since I was very young, having been introduced to it at an early age. I would thrash floppies and fill my desktop with shortcut copies, but I eventually started to learn programming, starting out writing simple Batch scripts. Cute Ralsei

I suppose I would describe myself as a programmer. I do web development, writing decent backends and shoddy frontends, dabble in game development, and occasionally do something completely different and out there. I do most of my work out in the open as open source, so you can check my GitHub profile for what I've been working on recently.

I am heavily involved in the Principia community, being originally introduced to the game back in 2013. During its abandonment by the original developers I spearheaded various archival efforts and further unofficial development, such as reverse engineering the game and launching a new community site for it. Now that Principia is open source I have become the project maintainer and push forward develoment of the game, along with maintaining the website and community spaces. quote

I'm also fairly active in the Minetest community. I contribute to the development of the engine, and maintain my own personal fork ROllertest which is especially liked by mobile users due to its improved control scheme. I also make various mods and games, some which are available on ContentDB and some are still WIP and not available there. Currently I run a Minetest server called Voxelmanip Classic, which runs a custom game that intends to recreate the creative freebuild gameplay of Minecraft Classic while also expanding on it.

I am also an editor for the Minetest ContentDB, meaning I help moderate and maintain the official repository of mods, games and texture pack available for Minetest. I check so that new packages are properly licensed and don't have copyright issues before they go public, and step in to edit and improve the metadata of packages when necessary.

Flower wearing an ugly sweater

I quite like LÖVE which is a game framework for writing games in Lua, the same language as is used in Minetest's scripting API. It is very easy to use and enjoyable, I've written various games in it such as a Bubble Blast clone, and a game called Box Smasher.

I run a forum called the Voxelmanip Forums. It contains spaces for general discussion as well as forums for specific topics such as Minetest and old Android games. The forum runs on a forum software I've written myself called Cirrusboard.

In terms of gaming I like the beforementioned Principia and Minetest, albeit with a healthy mix of switching between going into code and actually playing it. I also enjoy some Euro Truck Simulator 2 every now and while, even though I treat it more like a racing game.

As for music, I like all kinds of tracker music, preferrably played with openmpt123 through the terminal or with MilkyTracker left playing on the screen when I am studying. You can check out my favourites page on The Mod Archive for the list of tracks in my favourite tracker music collection.

Since October 2020 I've been daily driving Linux on my desktop. Right now I'm sitting on Arch Linux (btw) with KDE Plasma as my DE of choice. I use zsh with my own config for that nicer terminal feeling. I am also a maintainer for a little under hundred different packages in the Arch User Repository.

I like cuddles, Ralsei and soused herring. I don't like cauliflower, homophobia or being called American.


You can contact me through a number of different ways. The list is ordered by roughly how frequent I check these accounts or how good of an idea it is to contact me through the platform.

Discord rollerozxa
E-Mail rollerozxa at (this domain)
IRC ROllerozxa @ (w/ bouncer)
principia-web ROllerozxa
MT Forums ROllerozxa
Physically Meet me by the tree at noon...

I prefer English for text communication, but if you contact me privately in Swedish I will usually respond back in Swedish.