The (arguably) Best Image on the Internet - An Analysis

A while back I came across an image while randomly browsing the internet, a meme starring Pepe Apu Apustaja (apparently that's the name of the cute somewhat derpy looking Pepe variation) and everyone's favourite streamer Jerma. I personally consider it to be the best image on the Internet.


It starts out by throwing you straight into the plot with a heartwrenching image of Apu lying on the floor crying after having fallen and spilling his food all over the floor. From the shadow, you can notice that someone is standing in front of him, Jerma. He is then introduced as the second character of the story in the second image. He is holding a Dunkin' Donuts milkshake (Note for people outside of the United States of America - Dunkin' Donuts is some place where they sell donuts, dunks, and milkshakes I guess), and stretching out his arm as if he's offering it to Apu.

Right now this image seems all in all pretty wholesome. Jerma gives Apu his Dunkin', helps him up from the floor, they walk off both being happy… Right?

Well this is where it takes the turn for the worse, as Jerma's true self starts to manifest, the inherently flawed human being that Jerma in reality is. Some people might have realised just seeing his face in the second image. But here it goes.


In the most peculiar turn of events, Jerma throws the Dunkin' onto Apu, who now gets it spilled all over him. He is assumedly even more upset by this. As if this wasn't bad enough, Jerma flees the scene he created, running out the exit while also showing his massive and loud glutes.

This is such a deep and complex storytelling in only mere 4 pictures that I can only merely begin to pull back the deep underlying story from this.

First of all, Jerma is holding a Dunkin', the Dunkin' that creates the conflict. The image takes place in a McDonald's, which would mean that Jerma would have bought it somewhere else before going to this McDonald's. This raises a number of questions. Why did Jerma buy from Dunkin' Donuts only to then visit McDonald's? Did he want a cheeseburger or some McChicken to go along with it?

Or… did he plan this all out in extreme detail beforehand? It's almost like this is a common occurrence for Jerma. Go and buy a drink at Dunkin', then go to the McDonald's nearby and drop it on strangers.

I am aware that this blog post means that the ROllerozxa universe has merged together with the Jerma universe. You're welcome.