The internet always could use some more links. Here's some links to some cool stuff I like. You and your cursor is responsible for what links you may choose to click. Some may be considered too cool to be legal in some countries, be sure to ask your local Ministry of Truth for guidance.

Here's links to some of my own projects:

ROller on the Web

That's me, on the web alright!

Nice music

Cool softwares

  • Principia... Again!

  • Minetest is a FOSS voxel game engine. You might see me around there.

  • openmpt123 is a command-line tracker music player with the same compatibility and high quality playback as OpenMPT.

  • gitui is an extremely powerful Git GUI client... In your terminal!

  • Goaccess is a nice access log visualiser. I'm probably spying on you through it right now.

  • gource visualises source code repositories... and more.

Fun stuff

  • Nose Ears is a fun comic about Free software, computers, queerness and everything inbetween.