This page lists all (public) subdomains under the domain.

SubdomainHosted bySourceDescription
@ ROllerozxa Source ROllerozxa's website and blog
apparatus-web ROllerozxa Source Unofficial community site replacement for Apparatus
cirrus GitHub Source Wiki for Cirrusboard
classic GitHub Source Wiki for the Voxelmanip Classic server
danil GitHub Source Danil's site
files ROllerozxa N/A ROllerozxa's public file dump
forum ROllerozxa N/A Voxelmanip Forums
grejer ROllerozxa N/A Grejer!
ketchupland GitHub Source KetchupLand landing page
mesetint GitHub Source Minetest April Fool's joke site
mese GitHub Source Praise the mese block!
mtplace GitHub Source Landing page for mtPlace
nodecore GitHub Source Landing page for the NodeCore android app
rollertest GitHub Source Landing page for ROllertest
wiki ROllerozxa Source The Voxelmanip Classic Wiki

Request a subdomain

If we're friends and you'd like a subdomain for some project, contact me and I'll probably agree, assuming the project is legal and tasteful.