Minetest content

Timeframe: 2021-

Technologies used: Minetest (heh), Lua

License: Various (MIT-GPLv3)


I've made various content for Minetest...

Released content

  • Floppies - A rather silly mod that adds floppies you can throw around onto the ground.

  • OhCeeDee - A flat geometrical texture pack inspired by FVDisco's oCd Minecraft resource pack.

  • No Touch, Griefer! - A mod that implements an unique way of punishing griefers on a multiplayer servers, revoking their privilege to interact with the world rather than banning outright.

  • Skygrid - Custom "skygrid" terrain generation that places nodes in a grid-like fashion.

The full list is available on my ContentDB user page, which includes content forked from others that I maintain.

Unreleased/Work in progress content

  • Build Game - A fork of Minetest Game that distills it down to only basic building blocks, for building in creative.

  • Vempunkt - It's a secret... o.o


  • I also run a server named Voxelmanip Classic, which runs a custom game and modset.

  • I've also contributed to various others' mods.